Global Research

Thanks to our funders, in 2017-18, Helping Kids! collaborated with Ana Tomovska Misoska (the Republic of North Macedonia) and Edona Maloku (Kosovo), and Lipaz Shamoa-Nir and Irene Apfeld (Israel), and their excellent teams. In 2018-19, we expanded to Croatia in partnership with Jasmina Tomasic Humer, and conducted an exploratory exchange with Hyun-joo Song in South Korea.

Through this cross-cultural work, we hope to understand how these processes (namely, children’s recognition of conflict-related group markers) may work in other societies. Initial results and analyses are exploring the parallels and differences in these post-accord settings with Northern Ireland. The implications of these results for educational policy and understanding antecedents to children’s peacebuilding can lead to improved intergroup relations in settings of intergroup conflict around the world. Overall, we aim to apply this understanding about social groups to promote positive intergroup attitudes and behaviors among children, eventually leading to more cohesive societies. We are excited to continue our work in these countries and expanding our work to new settings!

Information on our ongoing findings is available in the various formats linked on our dissemination and outreach page.