Who we are

Laura K Taylor (PhD) is a Lecturer in Psychology at University College Dublin and Queen’s University Belfast. Her research is framed by an intergroup developmental approach to study risk and resilience processes for youth in settings of protracted conflict. Her work has implications for child outcomes, such as aggression, prosocial behaviours and social identity, as well as broader psychosocial processes, such as shared education and intergroup relations, which may fuel or constrain conflict. Toward this end, she studies how and why violence affects behaviours and attitudes related to conflict transformation, primarily during childhood and adolescence. 

Jocelyn Dautel is a Lecturer (Education) in the School of Psychology at Queen’s University, Belfast. Jocelyn holds a PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of Chicago.  Jocelyn is interested in the development of social cognition, or in other words, how young children think about the world around them and navigate their social relationships. Her research uses experimental methods from cognitive and social psychology to understand the processes underlying children’s thinking about social groups, with a particular emphasis on how social context influences these processes.

Lauren Walsh

Lauren Walsh is an MPsychSc Student at University College Dublin. Lauren holds a Higher Diploma in Arts in Psychology from Dublin Business School and a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Music from Dundalk IT. Lauren is a research assistant from the ROI/NI Developing Belief project. Lauren’s previous research focuses on minority issues, specifically concerning the LGBTQ+ community. Her current research interests mainly focus on children’s belief development in collaboration with Jocelyn Dautel and Hannah Kramer.

Bethany Corbett is a postdoctoral researcher at Queen’s University Belfast. Bethany has been working with Helping Kids! since September of 2021. Her background is in socio-cognitive and prosocial development, with a current focus on intergroup processes.

Dearbháile Counihan is a postgraduate researcher at University College Dublin. Dearbháile holds a Master’s degree in Psychological Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, both of which were earned at University College Dublin. She became a member of the Helping Kids! Lab during her Master’s in 2020-21, completing her thesis under the supervision of Dr Laura Taylor. Dearbháile’s current research interests are centred on identifying the individual and family-level factors that predict children’s intergroup prosocial behaviours, with thanks to the generous support and funding of the Irish Research Council (IRC New Foundations) and the Swiss Embassy in Dublin.